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Well, I finally got the table done. It looks great. Too bad it does not go with the chairs.

I think I might pack it back up and put it in the shed for now. One day I will find the perfect chairs. Funny thing about this table is even with the leaf in, if one were to put two chairs on each side they could only be about 15 inches wide. This table must have been created before most backsides got wider than 15 inches.

On another note. I have not been being very housewifey. It is just lovely outside so I have been being a bit gardeny. Did some mowing and weeding. Dug up the tiny garden and planted some tomatoes and hot peppers.

Today will be more of an inside day. With the recent heatwave (70s in the day) I think it is time to pack the flannel sheets and blankets away until next year so today will be lots of laundry. I am not sure why but when I put the cotton sheets away for the winter, they come out smelling not so great. So it is wash the cotton sheets and put them on the bed and wash the flannel sheets and put them away, only for them to come out next winter smelling not so great.

Well, that is it for today. Happy First Day of Spring to you all.