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Necessity is the mother of invention… difficult or impossible scenarios inspire ingenious solutions.

I used to have a Whirlpool fridge with a surface texture that is suppose to prevent finger prints. Many years back the doors began to rust , of course it was no longer under warranty. At first it was just tiny little rust spots. I used to wipe it down with lime-away. That would remove the rust for a week or so but it always came back. Over time the rust got worse and even the lime-away was not doing the trick. I had thought about painting it but ugh how in the heck do you paint a fridge?

Any way I eventually gave the fridge to my son and his girlfriend. They lived with the rust for a while, pondering how to paint it. Now comes the ingenious solution…. chalkboard paint . You know how people paint a wall or part of a wall with it.could you paint a fridge with chalkboard paint… well the answer is YES!

I think the fridge turned out wonderfully and so much less expensive than replacing it. Also you get the added benefit of a giant chalkboard. 🙂

I just love the cute flowers in the corner!

They use the side as a huge calendar and write notes on the front. Last time I was over at their house I could see how their friends had been leaving their marks on the fridge. So much fun for visitors to leave a little note.

They painted the fridge in December using a foam roller. So far so good, and good looking as well.