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I wanted some bread today and in the process I was stripping a table that I have put off refinishing for years. So, I got out the old bread machine and saw a recipe for ‘French Bread’ not posting the recipe due to the unattractive loafs that were made from it. 🙂

Granted, I didn’t have any bread flour and my yeast was about 3 years out of date but still, WOW I am so happy I am not a baker, if I were I would have gotten fired over this one.

I know the loafs look very blob like but the dough was weirdly stiff and I didn’t want to mush it around too much. It tastes OK but it is very ugly. LOL

On a brighter note look at the woodgrain of my maple table! I wish I would have taken a before photo but I forgot due to my own stupidness and probably the bread project.

The table is just stripped, I have not stained or varnished it but WOW, it looks beautiful.

I just love the woodgrain. I got this table at an antique mall many years ago, It was such a deal and it was well used when I got it but I have to admit, we abused it something awful. I have been planning to refinish it for well over ten years but I never had the time. Had I only realized how easy using this Klean Strip Klean Kutter Refinisher was I don’t think I would have put it off so long.

I still have to find some stain and plan to put a polyurethane coating on it so I won’t have to worry about water and such on the table. I hope to post the finished project soon.

Oh and Happy Friday!!!