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So what to do today? We had a great weekend but it is Tuesday and I still don’t have any real plans. I keep thinking, I should do this, or I should do that but never really get to doing much of anything.

I thought about organizing the drawers but argggggggh what a task. I also have a spare bedroom that needs to be cleaned out but arggggggggh what an even larger task. 🙂 The room seems to be a collect all for everything I don’t know where to put. Yes, it all goes in that room until one day I clean it all out… it has been a while since I cleaned it all out. 🙂

It is a lovely day again today, sunny and clear, still a little cool but as the day wears on it should warm up. I never did clean those windows. LOL

I do need to go to the store to get something for dinner. Every Tuesday we make dinner for my mom and bring it to her and eat and visit. This week I want to try to remember to bring my newly acquired cream of tartar and some vinegar to see if it can clean off the little brown stains around the burners on her stainless steel stove… ‘stains on stainless steel’ makes me laugh. 🙂 Any tips on how to remove these stains would be greatly appreciated.

Well have a great day. It is time for me and Willy the dog to take our morning walk.